French Film Celebration, Jessie Product, Barrowload Dance Hall, Glasgow, Monday, and Tuesday 

Previous Envoy Magazine cover star, digital recording sovereign and the essence of sophist disco – indeed, we are extremely satisfied with ourselves for that – French Film Celebration, Jessie Product, above right, is back in Glasgow this approaching week with a show that vows to be glitzier than an episode of Stringently. So, here is your opportunity to transform the Barrowload into Studio 54 around 1979. Time to spruce up and get down. 

Julie Byrne, Mono, Glasgow, Friday 

In the meantime, at the opposite week’s end, one of America’s new greats. Vocalist musician Julie Byrne’s most recent collection The More noteworthy Wings ought to turn up in a couple “best of the year” records one month from now (on the off chance that it does not, we will have words). It is a collection of tunes brimming with affection and misfortune and it is very conceivable that the title track is the most impressive thing we have heard for the current year. 


The Messenger: Inconvenience and Conflict, Sovereign’s Corridor, Edinburgh, Wednesday; Music Lobby, Aberdeen, Thursday 

Current hopeful in Drill sergeant and Meet the Richardsons star (close to her other half, Jon Richardson), Lucy Beaumont, above, is back in Scotland to advise us that she is an excellent stand-up. As the title proposes, her significant other might be the victim of the odd joke as a component of the show. 


Bistro Illustrious Books, Stills Exhibition, Edinburgh, until February 10, 2024 

Beginning around 2012 the autonomous distributer Bistro Illustrious Books has been distributing week by week zines devoted to after war photography in England and Ireland. Photographic artists who have been highlighted throughout the years incorporate the late, extraordinary Chris Killip, Martin Parr, Douglas Corrance, Shirley Dough puncher, Jo Spence, and Sophie Gerrard. There are currently more than 600 issues accessible and this display, as well as featuring a portion of the work in their pages, permits guests to peruse every one of them. 

June, Julie Hamill, Saron Distributers, £9.99, accessible by means of Amazon 

David Keenan might have proactively made a case for composing the incomparable Airdrie novel with This Is Commemoration Gadget, yet Julie Hamill is keeping him honest with her Life and Soul set of three which finishes with June, presently out. Ian Rankin has previously exposed himself as a fan: “No one is doing what Julie Hamill is doing at present: composing downplayed, common diamonds,” he has said. Well, that is a proposal. 


French Film Celebration, different settings, November, and December 


Currently going full bore, the current year’s French Film Celebration brings one valise of new and exemplary French movies to films around the country. Today the Phoenix Theater in Oban is showing Frederic Tellier’s natural spine chiller Goliath. Life structures of a Fall go on at the Glasgow Movie Theater the entire week, alongside various other FFF screenings and the Institute Francis likewise has a bustling seven day stretch of FFF screenings, including, on Wednesday, Rise, chief Cedric Kalisch’s cooperation with choreographer Homesh Shechter, which diagrams the recuperation of a harmed artist played by Marion Barbeau in what has proactively been known as a star-production execution. 

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